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April 23, 2018


Meeting date: Thursday, April 26th 7:30 pm North middle cafeteria

This year there is a reduction in detasseling acres I will be needing fewer workers than the past years, So be sure to come to one of the meetings with all your information and get signed up. The first to get their paperwork in and completed will be the first on the list to work.

What to bring to the meeting;

1) parent or legal guardian

2) a copy of your birth certificate (front and back)

3) your Social Security card AND a photocopy (front and back)

4)Your school ID AND a copy of the ID

5) Bank info- savings or checking account number AND your bank routing number.
(All workers will be direct deposit)

If you filled out paperwork last year, you still need to do it this year.

Tell your friends about the meeting and give them the web page so they can get the information needed to bring for sign up.

email me andy@portagedetasseling.com

Thursday, April 26, 2018
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